If you look at the music industry these days you’ll see that there is a lot of huge acts in the media. But Justin Bieber, Beyonce and Drake might have their fame and success, they are all lacking one core element; Balls. That’s what the guys in Fort ’99 figured when in 2012 they decided to do something about it. The guys were and are huge fans of all kinds of rock music and have made it their mission to put the genre back on the map once again. Where did it all begin for these guys from a small village in the south of the Netherlands and what made them to be the hardrocking machine they are today?

Like (most) successful artists they started in groups at an early age. Where cover songs used to be the highlights, soon there were ideas to produce unique material and with that more gigs around the country. Under the name “Domination” they tried to conquer the world but that unfortunately didn’t last long. Despite this, a part of the band pushed on and guitar player Jelle Willers, drummer Bram Tak and bassist Pieter van Caam found guitar player and then lead vocalist Jeroen Hartings to create Fort ’99, “a band who tried to do shit differently”, as the guys eloquently put it.

Fort ’99 quickly rose to prominence and the different backgrounds of the individual members found their way into a varied set with influences of blues, hardrock, metal and punk. Earlier that year the band ran into folk-rock band The Blackhill Bandits which whom they had an instant connection. When the latter decided to call it quits and Jeroen proclaimed he wanted to focus more on playing guitar and leaving the singing gig behind, they approached Tristan van der Laan.

The rest, as they say, is history. Cover songs were fully kicked out of the set and were replaced with strong songs of their own, drawing influences from bands like Black Stone Cherry, Motorhead, Pearl Jam and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Since 2014 the band has been going non-stop; the band, now consisting of 5 members, has played all through the country and abroad in the neighbouring regions and have no intention of stopping.

With the 2017 release “Loudness” the guys are going full speed towards putting a fresh face to rock music. And that’s exactly what you can expect from Fort ’99; No bullshit, just explosive hardrock with guts and a show that will leave you dripping wet and wondering what the fuck just happened. Not some static image but a dynamic party. Hardrock like it was always meant to be.