End of the year

Yes, the end of the year is upon us and around here Sinterklaas has come and gone. That doesn’t mean we’re done by a long shot though. We’ve been writing a lot of new material, with catchy names like “live my life”, “Lethargy” (which Bram hardly can even pronounce let alone spell ;)), 25 to life and more, we are ready to rock and roll y’all into Christmas!

But it’s also a time for reflection, as 2015 is coming to a close and we had one hell of a year for sure!

For example, the grand return of Jeroen from his adventures down under, one hell of a party with the guys in Rise a Thousand at their video clip debut earlier this year, a whole bunch of band battles, fucking with the drummer parts 200 – 639, sickness and health, boldly going where no band has gone before and a whole bloody lot more! Of course, we are ever so grateful for the people who came out to support us, without you guys this wouldn’t be half as much fun, and we hope that the feeling is mutual and we will see you all at a next gig as well!

Talking about next gigs, this coming Friday, the 18th of December, we will be once again raising the bar (figuratively, a bar is one hell of a heavy thing to lift, trust us, we tried) of hard rock music in which is slowly becoming our go-to spot to play Cafe de Speeltuin in Breda. We will be joining the extremely talented guys in Emperors to bring head splitting, hard hitting, no down-sitting hardrock goodness to the masses once again! So bring out your fav christmas outfit and blast off the holidays the right way with us!

For now, we want to wish you all a very heavy christmas and see y’all in the new year!

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